KW Platform

Commonly used in different industries
and with RS-232 that can connect
to computer, printer and alarm light.

PE 10

Label Printing Scales one of our
Top Products which is widely used
in supermarket in many countries
with patented functions that only
Asuki can offer.


One of our Top Medical Scale
with easier record-keeping
using the balance’s directly
integrated PC function and plug
and work connectivity to a
Sartorius lab printer.


Best Choice Trade balance weighing
used in the Metallurgical industry,
Coal industry, Factories, Mines,
Wharfs and Warehouses.

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Welcome to Asuki Weighing System Inc.

Fujian Lianje Company Ltd. Was established with a Japanese firm ASUKI Electronic Scale Corporation in the year 1993. By its brand name alone, the identity of ASUKI Electronic Scale is the mark of products that originated, invented and produced by popular Japanese Company. Hence, all of these are Japan efforts and technology that includes advance production assembly, perfect research, developing and texting system, a continuous process to produced high precision and quality product, a joint venture invested by Asuki Electronic Scale Corporation and Fujian Lianje Company Ltd. On the other hand, we have professional and trained sales force and service crew to handled product distribution and service in local and international market.

Our company is a member of an international association of weighing scale instrument, a stable and dynamic organization being managed by our respected President and General Manager with the support of HRD, Treasury, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Quality Control, Sales and after Sales Service Department under one umbrella.